Business advisory and problem solving

Industry-focused advice that resolve
complex issues and identify opportunities for growth.

Staying ahead of a fast-changing and competitive landscape

Change is inevitable! Covid19 proved that.

It is now more important to rethink your company’s strategy. Our consulting teams are dynamic, having delivered solutions for clients in Europe, Canada, Zambia and South Africa. Our understanding of Zambia and our experience in developed markets means we can and do deliver – solutions to client problems.

Numbers are the starting point for critical planning and strategy execution. Business leaders should strive to increase corporate value and exceed customer expectations to remain relevant.

Increase corporate value and long-term profitability

Strategy Development 

Payroll and Human Resources​

transfer pricing and tax advisory​​​

We started using ABACUS360 for our accounting and business development needs when we first invested in Zambia some 7 years ago. Their advice both professional and personal has been invaluable in helping us grow our business into a sustainable entity and meet the various challenges always around the corner in Africa 

Rick Schulz

Managing Director @ Kaingu Safari Lodge