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Mmmh...., your accounts are late - again!​

The majority of Zambian businesses are several months or years behind with their financial reporting. It isn’t surprising, therefore, that several companies fail within a few years. How could you possibly succeed if you don’t measure your performance?

Outsourcing your accounting to ABACUS360 could be partial or complete. A complete outsource will prove economical for you since you would have the backing of an entire organization, which involves partner, manager and supervisory reviews that you typically would find expensive. A partial outsource will ensure that critical functions such as bank reconciliations, sales, payroll, withholding tax, and payroll taxes are reconciled periodically, under the supervision of a Staff Accountant. No more late accounting.

Why outsource your accounting functions?

Frees valuable time for core activities

Access to a diverse range of accounting skills

Quicker turnaround in financial reporting

Reduced accounting errors

More economical than in-house staff

I have been dealing with ABACUS360 for over 5 years. In this time they have been handling our accountancy function as well as our secretarial function. Although we have had the occasional oversight in the past, Joe Liswaniso (CA) has always made himself available to find a workable solution to fix the problem.
Overall I am happy with the service and advise that we receive and would recommend this firm.

Hylton Nidd

Financial Director Impact Engineering (Pty) Ltd.

Umhlali, South Africa