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Mmmh...., your accounts are late - again!

The majority of Zambian businesses are several months or years behind with their financial reporting. It isn’t surprising, therefore, that several companies fail within a few years. How could you possibly succeed if you don’t measure your performance?

Outsourcing your accounting to ABACUS360 could be partial or complete. A complete outsource will prove economical for you since you would have the backing of an entire organization, which involves partner, manager and supervisory reviews that you typically would find expensive. A partial outsource will ensure that critical functions such as bank reconciliations, sales, payroll, withholding tax, and payroll taxes are reconciled periodically, under the supervision of a Staff Accountant. No more late accounting.

Why outsource your accounting functions?

Frees valuable time for core activities

Access to a diverse range of accounting skills


Quicker turnaround in financial reporting

Reduced accounting errors

More economical than in-house staff