Tax services

The tax services that your business requires could be transactional – possibly regular or one-off. Consider if you need help with pay as you earn, value-added tax management, withholding tax, or reverse vat compliance. Your specific needs could be strategic, i.e., planning your company structure, business lines and management of income streams or transactional. Either way, errors or a lack of tax planning could prove very costly.

Tax planning and international transfer pricing​

Do you know that your inter-group and foreign transactions such as management fees or payment to a non-resident consultant could result in backdated tax charges, penalties and interest? Yes – we know the Zambian tax landscape and can provide solutions and service that reduce your tax exposure and overall costs.

Outsource your tax functions

Managing tax risk and exposure is the most crucial consideration for any business. Trying to fix errors, omissions and incorrect tax submissions is always costly. Zambia Revenue Authorities penalty and interest charges for late payment of taxes can cumulatively be as high as 209% of the due taxes.

Managing tax and engaging tax authorities is expensive and unlikely to be a core strength of your organization. Consider outsourcing your tax compliance and the risk associated with it.

Expert tax advice and management

Plan your tax exposure

Retain specialist knowledge

Enhance compliance

Increase shareholder value

We started using ABACUS360 for our accounting and business development needs when we first invested in Zambia some 7 years ago. Their advice both professional and personal has been invaluable in helping us grow our business into a sustainable entity and meet the various challenges always around the corner in Africa

Rick Schulz

Managing Director @ Kaingu Safari Lodge